I am a software developer with 8 years experience designing, developing and testing web based applications and web services.

Throughout 2014 I made the commitment to attend more tech events, meet more people in the industry, blog a little and mentor at the Belfast CoderDojo. While I didn't blog or mentor quite as much as I would have liked I have defintely become much more involved with the local IT industry and user group events.
The support, encouragment and inspiration I have taken away from the people I have met has been amazing. I certainly hope that I can pass that on and foster the same sense of community that I have enjoyed. In addition to attending many fantastic talks and workshops I now City Lead for Women Who Code Belfast and plan to expand on my role throughout the year.

My main goal for 2015 is to dedicate more time to personal projects and get these out on to github as well as contributing to existing projects. I hope to lead some classes teaching undergrads coding basics and have committed to speaking at an event at some stage!